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Hello and welcome to PLEASE OBSERVE WE ARE STILL IN BETA AND NOT WORKING FULLY YET! This site is put online as a community and project log for LED projects. It is a meant to be used as a resource for all the information used to complete a project. If you want to add stuff, just create an account (takes less than a minute), or just browse what other people have already uploaded. We are still developing the site, adding more functions as we go along, please let us know of any tools and functions you could be interested in. Or tell us of bugs in the system...

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Schematics for the LED Array dimmer with 555.

LED Array PWM dimmer with 555

555 led dimmer

The circuit is based on the 555 timer, connected as a PWM generator. Again i will use as output the discharging capacitor from pin 7, which will control the base of the power transistor. Similar to the LED Off Delay with dimming effect circuit, i wil... Read more

Schematics for the Fade in - fade out

Fade in - Fade out

One LED fader

A simple LED-fader that fades one LED in and out, or from full brightness to off and back to full brightness.... Read more

Picture of a photoresistor


Light sensitive resistor

A Photo resistor changes its resist value depending on how much light shines on its top surface. Good for making sunset/sunrise applications and lightsensitive applications.... Read more

Schematics for the Electric Night Light

Electronic Night Light

he two transistors are used as a direct coupled switch, Adam used 2SC711 but any general purpose transistor will do e.g. 2N3904, BC109C. The CDS photocell, type ORP12 is normally illuminated, therefore its resistance is low. The 50k control, the 1k r... Read more

Picture of one of the things you can do with the Magnetic Fridge Lights.

Magnetic Refrigerator Lights

Turn your fridge into a canvas for LED art. Any passerby can place and relocate the magnetic LEDs any way they wish to create illuminated pictures and messages.

It's great for high traffic kitchens and It's fun for kids and adults alike.... Read more

Random Product
an image LED Mini Menorah
Last year Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories released an open-source design for these LED mini-menorahs as part of our open source electronics projects for the holidays. You can download and modify the source code, use it to program your own microcontro... Read more
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